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Teeth Whitening from SimpleSmile®

Do you have yellow, discoloured or stains on your teeth?

I am very satisfied. My teeth are remarkably whiter and I saw the difference after the first time!


Was skeptical at first, but after a while it was noticeable difference. Clearly, the product works excellent, for some, it only takes a little extra time!


This is how easy it is to whiten your teeth with SimpleSmile

  • Brush your teeth easily without toothpaste before each treatment.
  • Lightly the back of the pen to eject the tooth whitening gel . Brush a thin layer of gel on the teeth you want to bleach . Be sure and brush even between teeth . We recommend that you bleach a row of teeth at a time.
  • Let the gel dry for 3 minutes. Avoid the lips in contact with the teeth during these 3 minutes, then the gel can be rubbed off.
  • Once the gel has dried it seems during the day, and gradually disappear.

SimpleSmiles EU approved products follow the new EU directive, therefore they are free from harmful peroxides which may give shooting pains and other unpleasant side effects. A treatment takes only 15 minutes and you repeat the treatment until you have received the whiteness you desire.

We want to ensure that you are offered the best possible service through us and certify a complete safety with your purchase - we have therefore Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If an item does not meet your expectations, we will reimburse you, of course. We place great emphasis on you to be completely satisfied with the products you buy from us!

Teeth Whitening from SimpleSmile®

Do you have yellow, discoloured or stains on your teeth?

Do you want a beautiful white smile without paying a lot of money? Try teeth whitening at home!

SimpleSmile® offers peroxide free teethwhitening which is the most gentle and safe way when you want to whiten your teeth at home. The big difference is the price. When you treat your teeth with SimpleSmile's teeth whitening you get as white teeth as you would've gotten at the dentist at a fraction of the price. One treatment only takes 15 minutes but you don't get the negatives side effects such as sensitive teeth or damaged enamel.

As we have full guarantee that you get beautiful white teeth you can feel completely safe when you buy SmileSmile teeth whitening for home use. Of course, if you're not satisfied, you get your money back. In other words, we are confident that our products are good and that our customers are satisfied with the result.